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My last evening’s recreation was to listen with great gratification to my daughter’s reading of your lately published letters to Sherrod Williams, and I think I owe it to the author of that pleasure to thank him for it: Really, and without flattery (to which I dare say you have become so used that... Continue Reading
With my daughter’s help I wrote a vain letter last night to Gov. Marcy, and I cannot deny myself the pleasure this morning of following it up by another in similar strain to you. He wrote last March enquiring, I thought, a little anxiously, what I supposed wd. be the result of the Pennsylvania... Continue Reading
The whole parcel of the Democratic County Delegates came here to see me yesterday, every one was for Riters' appointment, and equally resolved against Thompson’s, of whom they mentioned such things as ought to put it out of the question, whether Riters is the man or not, Thompson ought not to be. 1... Continue Reading
By request of a common, and a judicious, friend I called at your residence the last day I was in Washington, but the servants saying it was a time when you recd. no one but on very special business I did not think proper to intrude—in order to state to you with the advantage of personal interviews... Continue Reading
As far as I can ascertain from conversation and the public journals the Message is acceptable to most of those who are not bent on ruining or ruling. I trust that the effort to protract the suspension will take the film from many eyes. All we want is quiet and progress and I do not believe that it... Continue Reading
I take the liberty to suggest that this Canadian difficulty is big with what I deem good results. I mean as that natural and fortunate means of putting our government right with that of Great Britain by drawing off to a less associated station than Gen. Jackson, cotton and affiliation placed us in... Continue Reading
My yesterday’s letter written, as it stated, almost on an impulse (tho’ I had reflected on the subject) and in the heat of the Convention, seems on further reflection to require that I should trouble you with another, to follow up the suggestion which grows upon me Is it not the right policy of... Continue Reading
A favorite author of mine says that princes never want counsellors, which perhaps presidents find too true But as for a good while past I have not troubled you with any suggestion, perhaps you may will not take amiss a notion lately come to me, premature till after the coming elections give things... Continue Reading
The only suggestion I think proper to submit pursuant to your letter while in Virginia is that now the bank power is checked that of manufactures is a very delicate topic, to be handled very cautiously. It is an illwind that blows no good and I have no doubt that the bank contest has prevented... Continue Reading
Mr. Fisk having urged me to write something for the antient Dominion the enclosed was hastily composed from ^after^ my last communication with you—I hope it is not too personal either in applause or disparagement of the respective persons named. This <illegible> as I said to you affords... Continue Reading