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I received your favour with the Inclosure. The various pieces for publication presented from all parts of the state prevented an Insertion in our paper. Our Accounts from the North & west are very flattering. J W Taylor from Saratoga mentions that they will do well. Mr Tiffany from Schoharie,... Continue Reading
We have examined a map of the state of New-York, including the upper part of the state of Pennsylvania, published by Mr. AMOS LAY, and it appears to us to be accurate, and to contain all the counties up to this time correctly designated, and to be well worthy of public patronage.
A. 1. Resolved, as the sense of this meeting, That the existence of slavery in the United States is a great political calamity, as well as moral evil, injurious to the character of the nation, hazardous to the existence of its free institutions, and repugnant to the spirit and principles of true... Continue Reading
NOTICE ☞A meeting of the inhabitants of this city and county of Albany, is hereby requested at the capitol in the city of Albany, this evening, at six o'clock, for the purpose of expressing their opinions on the expediency of prohibiting the further extension of slavery in the United States.
At a meeting of the inhabitants of the city and county of Albany, held at the capitol, in the city of Albany, on Tuesday the 21st of December, 1819, in pursuance of public notice, to express their opinions upon the subject of extending slavery into the territories of the United States westward of... Continue Reading
Resolved unanimously, (if the Hon: the Senate concur herein) as the sense of this Legislature, that Major General Andrew Jackson, and the Gallant officers and soldiers under his command, for their noble defence of the City of New Orleans, especially in the ever memorable conflict of the Eighth of... Continue Reading