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I send you a short speech of mine, made on taking the chair of our state convention, a few days since. There may be nothing, new to you, in my views of this subject, but still I venture to send them to you, trusting that they will not be unacceptable. The feeling in this part of the country, is... Continue Reading
One of the whig papers in Hartford, asserted last week in a very bold and confident manner, that you had written a letter to Judge Judson of the U. S. District court, while he had the case of the negroes captured on board of the "Armistad" under consideration, urging the Judge to order the negroes... Continue Reading
I send you a short article on the tariff, in the enclosed paper. It has particular reference as you will see to the expression in your letter to a friend in Richmond—"wrong in principle & wrong in detail". It is intended principally to show the working on the act here upon the trade of this... Continue Reading
I take the liberty to enclose the statements of a claim in favour of the owners of the Brig Splendid, on the Mexican government, for the forcible detention and use of their vessel in the transportation of troops and munitions of war from Vera Cruz to Tampico, during the Spanish invasion of the... Continue Reading
The papers alluded to in the within letter were before the commissioner to liquidate claims under the Florida treaty, and deposited in the department of State by Mr. Watkins as Secretary to the board of commissioners. I shall be greatly obliged if you will have the papers forwarded to me at an... Continue Reading