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I intended to have been at NYork at the Chancery term & would with pleasure have argued Major Prescots cause, but the fever prevents my going down & will I am persuaded prevent the courts being held, of the question in the Eden case hereafter.
Foreseeing that it would not be practicable for me to attend to the argument of the Eden cause here, I gave Mr Griswold notice thereof, & advised him to see that Webster was secured. I am happy to find that that has been done. All the assistance I can give him, by way of conference, it will be... Continue Reading
The enclosed is the paper which was handed to the court & which I have recd. from the Chief Justice, to whom it must be returned in its present form, I have no such affidavit among my papers, & I think it possible that the affidavit was never taken but was supplyed by that of you & Mr... Continue Reading
Your polite note with Hatsel I have received & acknowledge my obligation for your particular politness & friendly solititude. I make lodge at the Eagle Tavern formerly Gregories now Baird's, where I should be happy to meet you.