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On the 10th. Inst. I addressed a line to Mr Van Buren, acknowledging the favour receipt of your letter of the 3rd, and engaging to meet Mr Tillotson at Philadelphia on the 14th foreseeing, at that time, nothing in the state of my business, which would prevent my leaving Washington this morning. My... Continue Reading
Our friend Mr. Watson desires some appointment for his Nephew Capt. Watson in your department. I have not the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with Capt Watson but am persuaded that Mr. Watson's recommendation will receive full credit with you according to its import. Knowing that it will be... Continue Reading
The enclosed Letter will explain to you what we wish. The Vice President is apprized that a copy has been sent to you, as you will see. If he has left Washington, you will see the propriety of sending a speedy answer. That answer must be, My Dear Friend, that in the event of the Vice President's... Continue Reading