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The more I reflect upon the subject the more I am satisfyed that the Jaunt proposed by you & the manner of making it would ^not^ answer the purpose intended. If Corns. goes with you, you will when fatigued which will doubtless be the case at first leave your horse and thus avoid that entire... Continue Reading
I do not remember why the cause ^of Wheeler^ was put off. They must know that. Wigram is the Witness to the lease & as such is certainly necessary if they will not admit the execution which I presume they will. There has always been great uncertainty as to what the Ptff. claims & I do not... Continue Reading
I shall go to Newyork early, perhaps as early as Wednesday at all events on Saturday & may not therefore see you again as I consider you on your Journey. You must take some trusty servant with you as we will feel uneasy other wise, the expence must be managed in this way some of your friends... Continue Reading
I rejoice to hear of your improvements & prospects and much approve your determination to travel, it will give me pgreat pleasure to let you have my horse. You will find travelling on him delightfull & may [. . .] for him when you please. I should like if it <is> practicable that you... Continue Reading
Since the receipt of yours I have been on a jaunt to the northward partly to see the canal & partly for other purposes as you will probably see by the papers. This ^has^ prevented my writing to you before & now I have nothing to say except, that we are all well & all feel the most... Continue Reading
Your last Draft for $125 was yesterday presented to me & I was under the necessity of giving my note for it payable at the Bank in sixty days which I hope you will not fail to take up. I wish you would without giving yourself any uneasiness enable me to realise the advances made last Winter. I... Continue Reading
The United States To Ab. A. Van Buren—Dr. 1814 April To services in bringing Proceedings of Court Martial in case of The U.S. against Genl. Hull held at Albany, from Albany to the war department at Washington — — — $125   30 Days travel $75   Stage expences 50 Admitted the Qur. Master Gen... Continue Reading