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I acknowledge with pleasure the receipt of your letter containing the reasons which governed your course in relation to the proceedings at Baltimore. For the desire it evinces that the explanation should satisfy me of your undiminished personal regard I thank you very kindly & beg you to be... Continue Reading
The enclosed came this morning. I have heard from no one since you left. In fulfilment of my promise to apprise you of any change, or modification that might take place in the views I expressed to you, I can only say, that the opinion then avowed—that we Ex Presidents, whilst we held ourselves... Continue Reading
I cheerfully fulfil the promise I made to you in our last conversation to to state frankly and unreservedly what I beleive to be the state of public opinion in regard to the administration of Mr Van Buren among the Democracy of Pennsylvania. I have recently as you are aware visited various quarters... Continue Reading
I return you my thanks for the sensible suggestions contained in your last. The Inaugural address shews you how fully I concur with you in the importance of holding that great point constantly before the Country & the world. The subject again presented itself to my mind on my journey here,... Continue Reading
I have been for several days reproaching myself for not having sooner returned your letter & thanked you for the contents of your own. But you can have no idea of the extent & variety of my engagements. I hope the news from Indiana & Kentucky has not frightened you. Two states ^agt. us... Continue Reading
I have offered Lord Morpeth an introduction to you, which he was happy to recieve. Your knowledge of his high character renders it unnecessary that I should say any thing to commend him to your kind attentions. I know enough of both to know that you will be highly pleased with him. Our people here... Continue Reading
The pressure of my engagements since my return must be my apology for not having sooner acknowledged the interesting communications I have recently recd. from you. I sincerely hope you will not fail to make us your long promised visit in the course of the Summer. I can give you more agreeable... Continue Reading
I have to acknowledge ^with pleasure^ the receipt of your letter explanatory of ^containing^ the reasons by which ^governd^ your course in relation to the proceedings at Baltimore. For the disposition desire it evinces that the explanation should prove satisfyactory to me of your personal regard I... Continue Reading