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I am extremely sorry that my improvement has been too slow to make it proper for me to accompany you & Mr Rivers to the Presidents tomorrow. I can assure you it has cost me no inconsiderable effort to give up the pleasure I had proposed to myself in the visit; so much so that the admonition of... Continue Reading
Will you believe it? I have had the enclosed letter from your friend Mrs Van Rensselaer two days in my possession with out having a moments time to <illegible> forward it. It will give me much pleasure to send her your answer, as it will afford an opportunity to be remembered by two friends... Continue Reading
I take much blame to myself for not sooner acknowledging your kind and acceptable letter. But I have been a good deal indisposed, & what with people shooting themselves, state funerals, and <illegible> ^the^ <exhibitions> of disappointed, and desperate, & <daring>... Continue Reading
I am to day for the first time in a long while somewhat unwell, and must therefore content myself with a short letter. The enclosed will speak for itself. The untoward events in France, and great disappointment in not getting off, have somewhat disturbed the good Ladies usual serenity, but in every... Continue Reading
Our good friend Mrs. Van Rensselaer has been kind enough to commit the enclosed to my care. From her being still at Albany, I presume, although she says nothing about it, that the idea of spending the winter at Philadelphia has been abandoned. It is unnecessary to say how much pleasure it will give... Continue Reading
I am heartily ashamed of myself for having so long neglected to acknowledge your interesting & kind letter. But the truth is, that this villainous conflict (Influenza) has afflicted me so much, and rendered me so disagreeable to myself that I did not dare to approach a lady, even by letter. I... Continue Reading
I thank you a thousand times for your kind remembrance of me & am ashamed of myself for not having sooner acknowledged it. But if you could have the slightest conception of the variety and multiplicity of my concerns you would I am sure ^pardon^ my seeming negligence. I assure you with great... Continue Reading
I have looked for the "continuation" with a degree of impatience that has prevented me from discharging a duty imposed as well by the laws of gallantry as gratitude, that is to make my warmest acknowledgments for your kind favour. If I could deceive myself so much as to believe that I am entitled... Continue Reading