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I am ashamed of myself for not having written to you before but you know how it is at Washington. You have observed the movements in relation to the Vice Presidency. The fear of disunion & the consequent encouragement of the adversary have induced many to unite in the support of Mr Calhoun who... Continue Reading
I owe you an apology for not making an earlier reply to your letter. I trust you will find it in ^should would have done so but for^ the bustle <illegible> and anxiety of our ^unusually^ severe election. Our electors are committed for Mr Calhoun I trust for that I am fully persuaded they... Continue Reading
My friend Genl. Porter has consented to receive for me the monies allowed to me as special Judge advocate for the trial of Genl. Wilkinson & will deliver my receipt for the same. Receive my greatfull acknowledgements for the Just & polite direction which has been given to this business... Continue Reading