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I take the liberty of introducing to you Mr Shelby son of the late Gov. Shelby of Kentucky.
I wrote you at Albany the Result of our Charter Election which I presume you received, you can have no Idea of the effect it has had on the Spirits of the Feds. It was attacking them at head quarters in every town in the County our friends though not successfull have done well Kinderhook has... Continue Reading
         Knowing your solicitude for the success of our cause I hasten to communicate to you the proceedings of a meeting we had in the Town of Claverack yesterday which if it does not satisfy you of the probability of our success in this county will at least shew that we deserve it.          I... Continue Reading
I a few days since by accident saw a “public Advertiser” containing a piece addressed to you & alledging some Base & unworthy conduct on the part of the supposed author of Aristides.” You may rest assured that the assertion contained in it is false, feeling disagreeable on the subject I... Continue Reading
We have again been beaten, most shamefully beaten. Notwithstanding the greatest possible exertions on our part, the embargo & the Idea of fFrench influence produced a most extraordinary Effect, ^many^ although satisfyed of the propriety & necessity of the measure, many Voted for the federal... Continue Reading
I am really sorry to trouble you more with the party than you already are, especially when discretion and Ingratit[ude] are becoming the almost universal returns f[or] Favours rendered, the case however to wh[ich] I beg your attention is one of a nature to which I consider myself bound to pay every... Continue Reading
Yours was duly received, the complexion of your ticket is very odious to all liberal & well informed republicans in the country, their illiberal & Jacobinic conduct will however have a conclusive tendency to prevent them from extending their disorganizing Spirit ^in^ to the Country. So that... Continue Reading
From the proceedings of our County meeting you will perceive that we are correct if we are not as numerous as we might be. Our new Sheriff turned rather pale at the meeting when I introduced the resolutions but did not think fit to enter into a discussion he made a virtue of necessity with a... Continue Reading
I have seen Mr Jenkins several times since his return, he & his friends are exc highly pleased with his appointment, I thought it improper immediately to speak to him on the subject, but sent for his brother Seth who desired me to be perfectly easy on the subject & to inform you that the... Continue Reading
I have once more with shame to inform you that this county has given 527 majority for Platt & about the same for Assembly & Congress. All the made Voters voted for assembly & Congress. If you look at the Votes between this year & last you will find that there have been about ^rising... Continue Reading