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The approach of our regular election of a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the established usages of the Republican Party, have again brought together the delegates of your choice, to discharge the important and responsible duty of selecting and presenting to the public suitable candidates for... Continue Reading
At a county convention composed of five Republican delegates elected and chosen by and from each of the fifteen Towns in the county of Herkimer and State of Newyork held at the public Inn of Benjamin Kelsey in the village and town of Herkimer on the 30th day of October 1820, of which the Honabl.... Continue Reading
I must ask a little further indulgence from you in the payment of the demands of the state agt me, say, till the first of April. I depended on some money being ready for in albany before this, but it is not paid yet—great complaint of scarcity of money there. It is excessively scarce here. I can... Continue Reading