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Your letter of the 27th of March last was duly received. Acting as an unpledged delegate to the Baltimore convention, you ask my opinion in regard to the constitutionality and expediency of an immediate annexation of Texas to the United States, or as soon as the assent of Texas may be had to such... Continue Reading
I Received a Letter from you some days since upon the subject of the ensung Election, but have been prevented by absence from home from answering it soone[r]. The Sentiments of liberality and magnan[i]mity which it contains are such as from a knowledge of your Character and the quallities of your h... Continue Reading
THE PEOPLE of the State of NEW-YORK, by the Grace of God Free and Independent: To William Garrison of the Town of Livingston in the County of Columbia, send Greeting— Whereas Joseph Myer son of Jacob Myer late of the Town of Livingston in Columbia County, deceased, an Infant under the age of twenty... Continue Reading
I have received your letter and shall pay due attention to the notice you have given me on behalf of the representatives of Robt. Vn. Deusen. The shares of the different proprietors representing the patentees will be liquidated in the course of this week. With respict to the share of the patentee... Continue Reading
A Great Bargain. The subscriber offers for sale, a FARM, in the town of Kinderhook, containing 130 acres, with great improvements thereon. Description is considered unnecessary, as the purchaser will examine the property. It will be sold cheap.
An application of an extraordinary character was made to me yesterday, by your guardian friend, Col Abel King. He expressed himself with considerable indignation, & peremptorily demanded, that I should institute a suit against you. Aware myself of the egregious falsehoods that are continually... Continue Reading
Your letter of the 8th Inst. was handed to me at the moment of starting from Albany this morng, and read here. From its contents, I infer, that in the hasty perusal which you had only had time to give Mr Wrights and my letters you have misapprehendd their import. We do not, as you seem to suppose,... Continue Reading
The active & sleepless motive of the opposition has led them to make an assault of unprecedented violence upon this very native County, in the belief that to succeed here would have a beneficial effect upon after movements. I am therefore here for two or three days. It is an old Federal County... Continue Reading
I send you with the greatest pleasure the letter you desire for our friend Phelps. I have been here for a few days where the Enemy is using very desperate efforts. I almost begin to pity the poor Whigs. Their next cognomen will be Democrats—remember what I say. I think you ought at some of your... Continue Reading
I have been induced to delay the return of the accompanying papers, with an acknowledgment of the receipt of yr letter, longer than I could have desired by a reluctance to avail myself of yr. considerate intimations in respect to an answer. I have, however, upon mature reflection, been induced to... Continue Reading