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I Received your welcome Letter this of Nov. 19th. this Evening in which you ask me “where I am & what I am about." To the first question from the Date of my Letter is a sufficient answer, to the seccond I answer by Informing you that I am engaged in studying the Law with your Brother Willm. You... Continue Reading
Yours of the 25th ultimo, I Received on the 30th. & in pursuance of your Request I immediately called on Mr. Cooper & offered my Services to him in the Business, he gave me your Letter & desired me to endeavor to find Captn. Hague the Gentleman therein mentioned, I spent the whole of... Continue Reading
I have been informed since my arrival in this part of the Country that you have become a zealous advocate for the Clintonian party, those ene[mie]s to the Republican interest & the <full> <Law> ^general welfare^. In addressing you it is unnecessary to enter into a discussion of this... Continue Reading
The President & Directors of the Phoenix Company met this day at 12 oclock and passed a resolution, instructing Capt Macy not to vote on their Proxy, without the concurrence and approbation of the President. This will be pleasing intelligence to you, no doubt, as it will probably save, an... Continue Reading
Enclosed is a notice which I received for you. In your affair with Sudam you conducted with perfect honor. Every brave honorable man must approve of the course which you took. Let me hear from you & be assured of my unabated regard
Judge Dorr has certainly a right to demand security for the money I owe him, and I have no disposition either to complain of the course he Seems to have adopted, or to evade a compliance with his wishes. From whatever source his alarms may have arisen, or by whatever means produced, be assured that... Continue Reading
I approve of your determination to be a Candidate for the office of Atty Genl although we shall all be removed. Your appointment will be another proof of the force of our party;. & It will shew that we remain unbroken notwithstanding the hints of the Albany Republican & it will have a good... Continue Reading
This will be handed to you by Mr. Corlis of this City who goes in our behalf as a Witness He will prove satisfactorily all you want. The death of Walter Franklin his heirs &c and thereby enable you to sustain all your suits except those for the Hake Lots. I send you the following deeds which I... Continue Reading
Sheer necessity must be my apology for attempting to impress you for once into the service of a correspondent, for the want of my accustomed number of which I am almost in a state of starvation for political news from Albany. I am now just about as ignorant of what is, may, or ought to be doing at... Continue Reading
The great service and gratification afforded me by your letter demand[ed] my warmest thanks, and merited my acknowledgements before this. Accident has prevented my writing for two or three days past. You will have perceived that I made liberal use of it, but the writer is not known, and no... Continue Reading