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Mr. Paine moved the following resolutions, in behalf of the committee appointed on the subject, which were ordered to be printed. Resolved unanimously, as a sense of this legislature that Major General ANDREW JACKSON, and the gallant officers and soldiers under his command, for their noble defence of the city of New-Orleans, that important military post and grand emporium of commerce, especially... Continue Reading
Whereas in all ages and in every clime even among the most uncivilized of mankind the love of Country and the love of Glory, the Spirit of patriotism and of heroism have never failed to excite admiration, to call forth applause and to be crowned by those gratefull rewards which are ever dear to the Grand the virtuous t& the wise. And whereas the duty of cherishing Sentiments so intimately... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB, Sender: New York Legislature
Republican General Meeting. At a very numerous and respectable Meeting of Republican Citizens of Albany, and from different parts of the State, held at the Capitol, on the 14th day of April, 1814, Col. DANIEL WARNER, of Columbia, in the Chair, P. G. CHILDS, Esq. of Madison, Sec'ry. The following preamble and resolution having been read— Mr. Van Buren rose and addressed the meeting in a handsome... Continue Reading
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At this interesting period of our national concern ^affairs^, when our government is combating with a view wily vindictive and sanguinary foe, when domestic disaffection & foreign affection ^partialities^ present their callous fronts at every corner & when ^the^ present hopes & future prospects of the people of N york are to be party to the Tested by the result exercise of the... Continue Reading
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Republican General Meeting. At a very numerous and respectable Meeting of Republican Citizens of Albany, and from different parts of the State held at the Capitol, on the 14th. day of April 1814 Col Daniel Warner of Columbia in the Chair, P G. Childs Esqr of Madison Sec'ry The following preamble and resolutions having been read— Mr Van Beuren rose and addressed the meeting in a handsome style, in... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Resolved unanimously, (if the Hon: the Senate concur herein) as the sense of this Legislature, that Major General Andrew Jackson, and the Gallant officers and soldiers under his command, for their noble defence of the City of New Orleans, especially in the ever memorable conflict of the Eighth of January last, do eminently deserve the unanimous applause of their country. Resolved unanimously, (if... Continue Reading
Recipient: Andrew Jackson
INHABITANTS of CANADA! After thirty years of Peace & prosperity, the United States have been driven to Arms. The injuries & aggressions, the insults & indignities of Great Britain have once more left them no alternative but manly resistance, or unconditional submission. The Army under my command, has invaded your country, & the Standard of the Union now waves over the Territory of... Continue Reading
At a meeting of the inhabitants of the city and county of Albany, held at the capitol, in the city of Albany, on Tuesday the 21st of December, 1819, in pursuance of public notice, to express their opinions upon the subject of extending slavery into the territories of the United States westward of the river Mississippi—the hon. John Taylor, was called to the chair, and Teunis Van Vechten, Esq.... Continue Reading
At a respectible meeting of the Citizens of Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County Pa on the 22d Feb’y, John R. Chambers in the Chair & A.P. Long Sec’y. It was resolved: That Jacob <Utt>, Francis Hagerman & Jacob Lamb Esq’rs, be a Committee to report to this meeting, the best expression of the Publick feeling, in this vicinity upon the measures of our Gen’l Gov’t The Committee soon... Continue Reading
Resolution manifesting the sensibility of the two Houses of Congress and of the nation on the occasion of the decease of General Lafayette. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the two Houses of Congress have recieved with the profoundest sensibility intelligence of the death of General Lafayette, the friend of the United... Continue Reading
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Recipient: Andrew Jackson
At a meeting of Merchants, Mechanics, and others, Citizens of New York, held pursuant to public notice, the Honorable Stephen Allen, presiding, the following Resolution was unanimously adopted: Resolved. That the democratic republican Citizens of New York, have witnessed with feelings of pride and satisfaction, the dignified and manly course of the Honorable Martin Van Buren, Vice Presidt. of the... Continue Reading
PUBLIC MEETING At a meeting of the subscribers to the memorial presented to Congress against the restoration of the deposites, and against the renewal of the Charter of the United States Bank, held at Tammany Hall on Wednesday, the 19th inst., Stephen Allen was called to the Chair; John H. Howland, and M. M. Quackenboss, were selected as Vice Presidents; and Prosper M. Wetmore, and James I.... Continue Reading
At a very numerous meeting of the Democratic Republican Electors of the Fourth Ward, held at Harmony Hall on Wednesday Evening, January 29. 1834, pursuant to the recommendation of the Democratic Republican General Committee, to express their opinions in relation to the recharter of the present Bank of the United States and the restoration of the Deposites, Eldad Holmes was Chairman, and Morgan L... Continue Reading
At a respectable meeting of the friends of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, assembled at the Town Hall, on Tuesday Evening, March 12th, agreeably to public notice, Gabriel Holmes was called to the Chair, and P.W. Fanning appointed Secretary. The Chairman briefly stated the object of the meeting; when, on motion, it was Resolved, That a Committee of twelve persons be appointed to draw up... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
By accordance with a previous notice, a large and respectable meeting was held in the borough of Claysville, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday the 10th of December, A. D. 1834, to take into consideration the propriety of an immediate application to Congress for a further appropriation to complete the Cumberland road, Mr. Robert McNeal was called to the Chair, and Daniel Rider appointed secretary. After... Continue Reading
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