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The memorial of the undersigned committee of the New-York Law Institute, on behalf of the Institute-respectfully sheweth, That the business of the Court of Chancery having increased within the last few years, in an unprecedented degree, and being likely still more to increase under the newly revised laws, which confer upon that court some additional jurisdiction, it is very manifest that whatever... Continue Reading
The committee appointed by one of the foregoing resolutions to prepare and present a memorial to congress, having withdrawn for the purpose of agreeing to the same, again appeared in the meeting—when the following was reported on their behalf by Mr. Duer, and unanimously adopted. To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled. The memorial of the inhabitants of the... Continue Reading
The memorial of the subscribers, on behalf of themselves and their fellow citizens of Albany, respectfully showeth: That since the completion of the northern and western canals of this State, such facilities are given to transportation, that the qualities of county produce brought to this market from the interior of the State are increased to an immense amount, and when to this is added the... Continue Reading
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