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Extracts from the Republican Watch Tower, printed in the City of New York. June 14th. 1808. "All persons having property which was intended for exportation to Canada, whether lumber in raft, or other merchandise, are informd that no such exportations can be permitted. The laws and instructions received by the undersigned Collectors are such as require their utmost vigilance and exertion, in... Continue Reading
Art: 1. There shall be paid into the (caisor des Donages) for account of the public treasury and appropriated to the service 1819 & 1810 the sums arising 1st from the sales of the American Cargoes seised at Antwerp. 2d from the sale of American Cargoes delivered up by Holland. 3d from the sale of the Cargoes of American vessels, seised in the ports of spain. 4th from the proceeds of the... Continue Reading
Mr Madisons instructions to Messrs Monroe & Pinkney May 18th 1806 "as relates to the West Indies & North American Colonies it must be a permanent object of the U. States to have the intercourse with them made as free as that with Europe. The relative situation of the U States with those Colonies & particularly those wants which we can alone supply must necessarily produce that effect... Continue Reading
Extracts of a letter from the Board of Navy Commissioners to the Honble Benjamin Crowninshield, Sec. of the Navy–dated Feb. 11th 1817— The Commissioners of the Navy have the honor to return the list of candidates for promotion on the merits and qualifications of whom their opinion was requested in your letter of the 8th inst— x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    The Commissioners... Continue Reading
"Nor can I conceal on this occasion the deep anxiety which I feel in a subject now under the consideration of the General Government and which is unfortunately calculated to produce geographical distinctions. Highly important as it is to allay feelings so inauspicious & to cultivate the most friendly relations communion with every member of the confederacy, yet I consider the interdiction of... Continue Reading
Upon a view of the whole ground, I was convinced that I should act more consistent with my own and the happiness of my family, that I could give more important and efficient aid to your administration, and render more essential service to my country, by remaining in my present station, than by accepting the department of state. With the duties of the former, I am familier; to those of the latter... Continue Reading
Recipient: James Madison
  . . . among us, and hisbeing almost a stranger in the land . . . I should be highly pleased to hear of his receiving an apoointment in the corps.
Recipient: MVB
... I understand that the journal of Genl. Dodge of his expedition last year along the skirts of the Rocky Mountains has been published by order of the Senate under the form of a report from the Department of War. I am extremely anxious to see it, just now, and would feel much obliged to you should you have a copy at hand, if you would send it to me.
Recipient: MVB
The proposition was made to me by Mr. Webster in the House of Rep. on the morning of the last Presidential Election & whilst the returns from various states were under examination the two houses being together. Mr. W. came to my seat & remarked that if Mr. Adams should not ^be^ elected on the first ballot, he had in his possession an important correspondence which he desired to shew me,... Continue Reading
Sender: Louis McLane
Recipient: MVB
Extract from Dallas report of 19th March 1816 "Although the success of these measures is not in any degree doubted, it may be proper to add that, if it ever shall become necessary to increase their force, provision might be made, under the constitutional power of Congress, to subject all banks and bankers failing to pay their notes according to the terms of the contract, to a seizure of their... Continue Reading
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