Circular Letter

Similar to a petition in that it asks for a specific action and is usually signed by multiple people, but it is lengthier in content.

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For the mutual accommodation of the public officers and creditors in your neighborhood, and of yourself and the Treasury Department, I propose hereafter to direct warrants in their favor to yourself, for payment, when desired by them. It will be in your power, also, before a warrant is obtained by them, and whenever you have confidence in their honesty and solvency, to take an assignment or draft... Continue Reading
The Undersigned Republican Members of the Senate, avail themselves of the opportunity presented by their meeting, at this city, to address their Republican brethren elect, on the present state of the party. That there should, among Republicans, be occasional disputes about men, is to be expected; it is the ordinary and natural result, flowing from the free and honest exercise of opinion; but,... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB, Sender: Charles Edward Dudley, Sender: John Townsend, Sender: Samuel Young, Sender: Peter Robert Livingston
A public dinner will be given on the 4th of July next, at this place, by the Democratic Republican Citizens of Fredericksburg, Falmouth, and their Vicinities; and the undersigned have been appointed a Committee of Correspondence to invite such Members of Congress, and other distinguished persons agreeing with them in sentiment, as we might deem expedient:—In executing this duty, we take pleasure... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
The Democracy of Tennessee, acting through the Central Committee appointed by their State Convention, propose to hold a Mass Meeting at this place on the 24th of July ^15th Aug^ next. Their object will be, by an interchange of opinions and feelings, to animate each other in the great struggle which they are making in order to bring back the government to its republican track by the election of... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
The pending question of the Tariff, as regards its effects upon coarse wools and woolen fabricks, has been a subject of very anxious, but of perfectly friendly discussion among several citizens of this place and others casually present, and who, disclaiming every political & other foreign motive, and looking only to what we conceived to be the common good, beg leave to lay before you certain... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
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