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Benjamin F. Butler, ATTORNEY & SOLICITOR, HAS formed a connection in business with M. Van Buren, Esq. Their office is at No. 107 State street. Albany. June 20. 1820.                      74
AT the last Court of Common Pleas held at the city of Hudson. I left at some house in Hudson, or was stolen from Mr. Swart's Tavern, a drab colored superfine broadcloth SURTOUT COAT. Any person who may have found it or discovered who has stolen it will be handsomely rewarded for leaving the coat with or communicating his knowledge to Mr. Swart.
Sender: MVB
NOTICE ☞A meeting of the inhabitants of this city and county of Albany, is hereby requested at the capitol in the city of Albany, this evening, at six o'clock, for the purpose of expressing their opinions on the expediency of prohibiting the further extension of slavery in the United States.
No. 1. The following is a copy of the notice: A meeting of the inhabitants of this city & county of Albany, is hereby requested at the capitol, this Evening, at 6, for the purpose of expressing their opinions on the expediency of prohibiting the farther extension of slavery in the U. S. Dec. 16 1819. (published in the Argus of that day.) (signed) John Tayler, Amb. Spencer, St. Van Rensselaer... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Martin Van Buren, Has removed his Office from the town of Kinderhook to the city of Hudson, No. 194, Warren-Street, nearly opposite the Court-House.
Sender: MVB
REMOVAL. M. VAN BUREN and B.F. BUTLER, Counsellors at Law, have removed their office to No. 353 North Market-street, next door to Rockwell's Mansion house. Albany, May 7, 1821. 65w3
We have examined a map of the state of New-York, including the upper part of the state of Pennsylvania, published by Mr. AMOS LAY, and it appears to us to be accurate, and to contain all the counties up to this time correctly designated, and to be well worthy of public patronage.
Sender: MVB, Sender: James Kent, Sender: Ambrose Spencer, Sender: Stephen Van Rensselaer III
A Great Bargain. The subscriber offers for sale, a FARM, in the town of Kinderhook, containing 130 acres, with great improvements thereon. Description is considered unnecessary, as the purchaser will examine the property. It will be sold cheap.
Sender: MVB
Notice is hereby given that an Election in the Town of Kinderhook, for the purpose of Electing a Representative to Congress, (in consequence of a notice received from the Sheriff of the County of Columbia ordering an Election to be held by [no]tice of the Governors proclamation) to fill the [. . .] [d]esignee [. . .] the Sixth District of this State Composing the Counties of Columbia and... Continue Reading
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