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MVB to L[ucas Conrad] Elmendorf, 12 November 1814

My dear friend, 

Yours directed to me at NYork was duly received & its contents attended to. Having long since established a perpetual non-intercourse with the man your business was with, it was somewhat difficult of accomplishment. He had entered a default agt. you which he agreed to wave & I prepared your brief for submission which Miller & he were to do in the morning & which was doubtless done. In your letter to Miller I found a notice for Judgmt. of nonsuit which he had over looked. He promised to move it on Saturday.


On board the Steam Boat I fell in company with Peter Townsend who tendered his services to me to get two votes from members over whom he thought he had influence for Genl. Armstrong for U. S. Senator & on my telling him I knew nothing of it & had nothing to do with it, he appeared astonished & said he had no strong attachments there &c &c much confused. What does this mean in whose employ is this man? Must we have the devil to pay again? Write me.

The Classification bill is extremely popular here, I have however been most outrageously abused for it by the Feds & obliged to bring a libel suit. My best respcts to your Brother & Mr Broadhead &c.

Yours very Sincerely


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Source: Gallery of History
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)