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MVB, Statement of Demands against the Estate of Peter L[aurense] Van Alen, c22 March 1809

I Consider the Within acount as rendered under my oath of office as a Statement of the Demands ^or claims^ against the Estate of Peter L Van Alen deceased, theIt is impossi[ble] for me to fix on any amount for which to sell and Indeded I think such an order would be Improvident as from the uncertainty of the amount of the Debts it would be more than probable that the Estate would have to be saddled with the Expence of a seccond order. The Administrators are responsible [...] have given unquestionable security for their fidelity & think that the Confidence they ask may be Safely reposed in them



To Henry L Van Dyck ditto " August 26. 1801 3.75
To John J Van Altsyne Acct dated march 14. 1807 385.11
To John J Van Valkenburgh due April 1. 1808 52.78
To Abraham I Van Vleck Balance due on a/c £26.4.9 1/2 may 24. 1808 is 65.60
To JA & Abm. Van Vleck ditto, due on a/c, 151.12.11 3/4 may 9. 1808 379.13
To — Schermerhorn on Acct. May 1803 $2 35/100 on Note Dated Decr. 27 1802 $31.00 33.35
To Elihu Gridley    
To Van Alstyne & Welbeck Account dated Jany 27. 1808 8.29
To Jacob M Vosburgh balce. on a/c Decr. 2. 1806 2.87
To Cors. J & Jno. J Schermerhorn Account of Note of Hand due Sept 7 1808 116.06
To Nicholas J Kittle Account <of> Letter dated Sept. 10. 1808 25.83
To Thomas ^Jacob^ <Barhyk> Acct of Note Sept. 10 1808 204.10
To Burger J Huyck Account dated may 8th. 1805 1.87
To Peter Van Schaack Account of 2 Notes one for $50 & one jointly with Jno H Van Valkenburgh for ^$70 &^ $120.00 the first dated march 19. 1804 & the last dated 21 June 1804. Indorsment On the last 9.50 110.5
To Baldwin & <Ludlow> & D Ludlow Account last Item dated Jany 25. 1803 40.67
To Ebenezer Ballentine Account &c &c Novr. 1. 1805 11.14
To Philip Van Alstyne Balance on a/c dated 19th. Sept 1808 116.52
To Simeon Deyo Account dated May 1. 1802 2.00
To Cornelius W Schermerhorn Account dated March 19th. 1808 12.46
To James I Van Alen Account of Notes of hand & Interest apl 3. 1805 153.71
To Willm. Berthrop Amount of balce. on Note & Book dated Nov: 11. 1808 36.51
To Andries Speeckeman balance due 2.00
To Peter J Vosburgh Balance due on a/c dated Decr. 5. 1808 20.02
To Martin Van Beuren unsettled


one of the Admtrs.

Acct of Peter LVan Alen


22d day of may

Filed March 22nd. 1809.

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Estate Inventories and Accounts (N-Ar)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)