John Barentse Yates to MVB, 24 June 1818

J[ohn] B[arentse] Yates to MVB, 24 June 1818



Three years ago I purchased the property I now occupy in this county the Title was derived from the state, there is a contest between my neighbor & me respecting our boundaries. The Chittenengo Creek divides our Farms at the place where we contend about the boundary. There is valuable little island containing from three to five acres in his possession which I claim as belonging to my farm. He says that altho' it is not his yet he will not surrender the possession it being the property of the State not mine, not being included in the survey of either lot. The possession of this island is I think older than the date of the Patent. I am desirous to obtain your permission to lay our demise in the name of the state if you think the facts will warrant your doing so. In 1796 H. P. Schuyler surveyed a part of the late Oneida reservation & divided it into lots bounding them as will be seen by his map on the western shore of the Chittenengo creek.

In 1803 Chs. G. Broadhead surveyed another part of the Oneida reservation on the opposite side of the Chittenengo creek under an act for the sale of the unappropriated lands, passed April 6th. 1803. & bounded his survey on the main Branch of the Chittenengo which was as will be seen by his map the western branch the island lying between Lots No. 5. in Schuyler's survey & lot No. 1 in the Survey of Broadhead is the subject of controversy. If from an examination of the maps of Schuyler & Broadhead you shall be satisfied that the island belongs to Lot No. 1 of Broadhead's survey I will thank you to send me the requisite authority to use the name of the State. It will take but a few moments to examine the maps in the office of the Secretary and your compliance with this request will much oblidge

Your Obedt.



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