Thomas Paine Danforth to MVB, 18 December 1817

Tho[ma]s P[aine] Danforth to MVB, 18 December 1817


Dear Sir.

Yesterday, I saw ower Sheriff & he Informed me that he had an execution Issued, by you against me in favour of the state, of $1000, with interest & Costs. Sir have you not made a Mistake, the Time Loan was stated for two years, & the second year was not elapsed when I was Sued. Sir I have been sick the Chief of the time for Eighteen Months Past, is the Reason that the Interest was not paid. I have not got so I can stir about again. Sir it is Almost Impossible to Raise money, I want you to write me by the bearer. If I <pay> up the Int & Cost which will be about $200. If you will not Lett the Loan stand as it did with your Security on my Landed Premises. Sir I had no Idea that you had Judgment against me for the principle. It is almost Impossible to Raise money & I flatter myself that you will ^do^ all for me you can. Under these Circumstances


Yours Sincerely

Thos PDanforth

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