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A[sahel] King to MVB, 5 April 1816


I Bleave you had Best give Sharman a judgement to save cost tacking out one 72 Dolar note which is not his due if By any means you can com to sum agreament with him Sharman or Vledick Respecting a two hundred Dolars not which Sharman & my self Invest for Vledack which has Ben sued twice Before this I Do not want any cost on the thing you may agree with them to give them a judgemet. In August or September Sharman sued this in the manes corte and got a judgemet, & the cost. and troble I ^Do not want.^ Respecting this form I can set that parte by R Kings for [s]ix hundred dolers and can pay sum more this spring [I] canot haveit this march I Believe By another if I can get rid of sum of thees I can cleare aparte of t[he] old farm or the <illegible> we h[. . .] got our <illegible> mill agoing and it das well if I canote pay mack to pay the thousand Dolars we can pay the gratest parte An I we will <illegible> it for one year more you will Be at hom in a shorte time and By that time I can mack som money from you I wish to mack this aRangement with Sharmen if you can ceape Bisel from geting judgement till or through it into chancree I would pay any cost

In helth yours

A King

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Attorney General Papers (N-Ar)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)