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Timothy Tallman to MVB, [May 1816]

Dear Sir

I have arived at Utica & I called on Mr. Kirklen & he informed me you had not sent him notice for trial I hope that it will not go by this Court as it has been many years since it has been in agitation & some of the witnesses is already dead and some have mooved at great distences and People are apt to for get per haps it would be best when you send your Notice to Mr. Kirklen to Write a Letter to me and let me Know what kind of evidence you would wish me to git wheth it would not be best to git two men now to go on the Lot No 157 and see what damage is now done or whether I can be admitted an evidence in this Case as I consider the lot ought to be as good now as when I applyed for it or I should not be considered bound to take it I live at a great distance from it & have neither Deed no Possession although I have at great Pains & cost to prevent damage being done on the lot or whether the Board are not willing to take the Lot to the state & apply the Money that I have paid with the Intrest & my trouble & cost to Lot No 222 I have no doubt but you will consult this withe the Board & do what is best for me & the state in this Case & bring the trespassers to Justice I am very ignorant of the Law & there are a nomber conserned in this timber Cutting Business & they sware hard for each other & if there is any trick or <creap> out they are sure to avail themselves of it. If you Write to me you will direct the Letter to Utica & I will call & get it.

This from your humble servent

Timothy Tallman

T. Tallman

May 1816

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Attorney General Papers (N-Ar)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)