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John Sanders to MVB, 18 April 1815


Mr. House of the county of [Otse]go is ejected for 200 [. . .] which he holds under lease from me, I hold my title from the State, these lands were conveyed to me by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer & Henry Dothout commissioners of forfiture. 100 acres thereof was forfeited by the attainder & conviction of Frederick ^Adam^ Young the other by Frederick Young of the these county I think of Tryon.

Mr. Van Veghten the late attorney had been served with a notification and had agreed to attend and defend this cause for fear he may omit to give you the necessary information. I again take the liberty to advise you thereof and request you will have the goodness ^to defend^ the same in behalf of the State.

Mr. James Bracket of Cherry Valley is the Attorney employed by Mr. House in this cause: he writes me it will be necessary to prove by proper authenticated examplifications of the bills of attainder against the said Adam & Frederick & also that Van Rensselaer & Dothout were the commissioners and had a right to sell and convey, also that he has a deed executed by Mr Cochran to the state legislature of a power of attorney executed by Jacobus House & Elizabeth his wife (who are two of the plaintiffs) an exemplified copy of this power will also be ne[cess]ary which he supposes is filed or recorded in the Secretary[. . .]

I am in a very feble [stat]e of health not able to attend to business. This being the business of the State I presume you will obtain the necessary proof and examplifications to defeat this cause calculated to affect the interest of the state as my titles are warranted from the State.

The cause Mr. Bracket states is noticed for trial the ensuing circuit in Otsego on the 23d of next month. Be so good as to advise me if you will attend to this trial or who you will associate with Mr. Bracket on the part of the state to try the same, at any rate I wish you to ^write^ me soon what you wan^ish^ me further to do herein & if you have obtained the necessary examplifications. Mr. Gerrit Bogert is one of the subscribing witnesses to both the deeds from the commissioners, the deeds not being acknowledged he must attend as a witness I am very respectfully


Your Obt. Servt

John Sanders

[Endorsed by MVB]

Ansered. See Drft, to Bracket wrote to Sandes Drfts

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Attorney General Papers (N-Ar)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)