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MVB to [Charles Jared Ingersoll], 16 September 1844 

My dear Sir

I have to acknowledge ^with pleasure^ the receipt of your letter explanatory of ^containing^ the reasons by which ^governd^ your course in relation to the proceedings at Baltimore. For the disposition desire it evinces that the explanation should prove satisfyactory to me of your personal regard I thank you very sincerely of the right I feel confident that I have never divested myself of the right & expect In respect ^kindly^ & I beg you to be assured that it will afford me unf real pleasure to hear of your prosperity & happiness in whatever situation you may be placed

In respect to the other ^othe^ ^^political^^ ^^^<publie>^^^ aspect of the matter I can have but little to say. Having studiously & most scrupulously abstained from all attempts direct or indirect to enlist the support of a single individual ^any in any quarter^ for a renomination I am not so unreasonable as to cherish unkind feelings to any who in the <cause> of an undoubted right felt it their duty to oppose me. Although I can by no means ^not^ assent to the correctness of the views you took appear to have taken in regard to the danger of extensive ^extent of^ secession from the party in case ^the first which would have been occasiond^ of my nomination, or ^even^ concur in the belief that the Democratic ^Party^ would in the end have been really weakened by the withdrawal from the ranks which might possibly have taken place, I am not in candour ^am yet free to^ say that a different course from that you pursued adopted could ^could hardly^ have been expected from one ^who in good faith^ entertained the apprehension you express & who was under no ^direct^ responsibility to the people for ^his agency in^ the course to be pursued by the Convention.

Should circumstances ever bring you to my vicinity I shall be most happy to receive you at Lindenwald & I beg you believe me to be

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 12 (5 March 1841-31 December 1844)