MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 3 November 1823

MVB to David E[llicott] Evans, 3 November 1823


My dear Evans,

The Election is going on very warmly here & in the neighbourhood & I have no time to say much. Our accounts from Newyork last evening leave no doubt of our complete success. And such will I hope & believe be the case throughout the State. Give my best respects to friend Redfield & tell him the Judge Skinner is in much better condition that when he leMr R. left here. The election has put the judge on his high horse & having become at last satisfied that I am as much opposed to Clinton as he is he has nothing farther to trouble him. I wish you could prevail on Mr R. occasionally to overstep the modesty of his nature and take the lead in the Senate. All the well disposed members have full confidence in his talents & integrity and there is no one more eligibly situated to obtain fair celebrity than himself. I hope when you next write me you will be able to say that your health is perfectly re-established. Write me directed to Newyork all the election news you get & which I can receive there by the 20th. Novr make my best respects to Mrs. Evans & believe me to be

Most affectionately

your friend


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