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MVB to Smith Thompson, 25 July 1823

My dear Sir,

It is difficult if not impossible for one who is not acquainted with the views & combinations of the executive power to form a correct opinion, or to give unreserved advice respecting any particular appointment which in itself may not only be expedient, but excellent, yet when viewed in connexion with other appointments, with which it may be combined, and of which it may form the only meritorious part, it may be neither expedient, nor worthy of approbation. Though this remark is justified by the views and associations, disclosed by the late nominations of the President, I cannot and do not for a moment hesitate in renewing, the opinion and advice formed after careful deliberation, and early and most sincerely communicated, that you ought to accept the seat offered to you in the Sup. Court.

This opinion and advice are not my dear Sir, changed by any thing which has since taken place between us. It is however due to the occasion as well as to our long friendship, in the expression of this opinion and advice, to exclude every other executive measure, dependant on, or combined with it, confirming myself to the precise case, which your friendship has submitted to mine.

By the enclosed note you will perceive that I was not mistaken in attributing to Goveneur the remarks I informed you of, except as to a small & comparatively and ^comparatively^ immaterial part. Since this question of Judge has been pending this young man has been in constant occupation in shewing forth his own spleen agt. me and as far as in his power that of his connexions. Make my best respects to the ladies and believe me to be

Very sincerely your



Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)