MVB to Benjamin Franklin Butler, 6 December 1822

MVB to [Benjamin Franklin] B[utler], 6 December 1822


My dear Sir,

I shall ^say^ nothing on the subject of the severe calamity which has befallen you & your friends by the loss of poor Allen farther than to state that I have it in contemplation to bring his case before congress & will be obliged by any information you may possess & which will be usefull. I wish you would call on the SaMr Hawly & pay him the premium for insurance due from the Secretary of the navy & send me the receipt. I wish you would also send me a Copy of the bill I reportd some years ago for the abolition of imprisonment for debt with my notes on that subject oif you can find them. Make my most affection respectsgards to Mrs. B & believe me to be

Very faithfully



You can cut the bill out of the journals as also the amendments

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