MVB to Benjamin Franklin Butler, 3 January 1823

MVB to [Benjamin Franklin] Butler, 3 January 182[3]

My dear Sir,

I have been several times with the committee of the house on the subject of the Bill relative to the lamented Allen. Their report has been delayed in [co]nsequence of some difference among the committee & the Chairman though an honest is not a very energetic man. In view of what is going on at Newyork &c. the delay is perhaps not be regretted; as from the strict notions which are entertained here on the subject of pensions the result and ^will^ only in all probability be valuable as a compliment. I shall ^not^ waste words by making assurances of the interest I take in whatever relates to you or yours. I wish you would write me often & fully on the subject of the political affairs of the state. If you cannot otherwise raise the money to pay Mr Varick if he calls for his interest put a note in the <Bancke>.

<illegible> Express my most affectionate regards to Mrs. Butler.

Yours truly


I wish you & Mrs B a hap[py] very happy New year.

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Editorial Note:

Though marked "1822," the context in the letter indicates it was written in 1823.