MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 17 November 1819

MVB to [David Ellicott Evans], 17 November 1819

Dr Evans,

I now enclose you the circular, it will not be circulated untill about the first of December. I am persuaded it will draw off a few. I belive we shall get the council & am desirous that you shall not so far commit yourself that it would not be in the power of the members to take you, there are many pressing & cogent reasons why they ought to do so. Cant you do any thing with Mc Kay. We have resolved in this quarter to support King & as I know that that will be agreeable to you, I wish you would prepare the Western members for it & bring down a current of opinion with you when you flock in from the West. Do be here early. Write me. Tompkins will be qualifyed next July—dont doubt it. I hope Mrs. Evans is well & that you will bring her down with you for the Winter & take a room at Rockwells, you would be more retired & spend your time much more agreeably.

Affectionately yours


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