MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 15 November 1819

MVB to D[avid] E[llicott] Evans, 15 November 1819

my dear Sir,

I have not written you as often as I ought but I know you will excuse me. I have been much from home & for the last month confidently expected to see you at Court in which I was greatly disappointed. There is a radical difference between us, while I on the one hand am over-sanguine & consequently often err in my calculations, you on the other are of a different temparemt, more dispassionately & therefore although you sometimes apprehend dangers to a greater extent than they really exist you generally make most safe estimates. Take this concession with it & then give what credit you think proper to my assurance that our success agt. the triumvirate is put beyond all credit doubt. That such is the strong current of public opinion in this part of the state that the blinds which appeared to be so fastly rivetted on the eyes of his Excellency & "The Judges" Spencer & Van Ness have in a great measure given way & put it beyond their power to hide from public observation the agitation & fearfull forebodings which distress them. I will be more particular hereafter & for the present only write to say, that we shall take the liberty to print your name with 20 other Senators to a circular which we think will have a good effect, but which will not be distributed untill It has been sent to you. That Tompkins will be our candidate. That he stands higher here than ever he did & that Mr Clinton & his friends expect to loose the councill. Write me often & believe me to be

Very affectionately

Your friend


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