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MVB to D[avid] E[llicott] Evans, 23 August 1819

Dr Evans,

I am here a few days for health & pleasure & embrace the leisure produced by it to drop you a line. Some time since I rcd. a letter from you on the subject of the Collectorship at Buffalo. I did not write to Mr Crawford as you suggested & have been very remiss in not before explaining to you the cause of my inattention to your requests. The truth is I have had so little intercourse with the folks of at Washington and am so reluctant to put myself under any obligation to them that I make it a point never to write them unless I feel strong confidence that my doing so will lead to success and thereby enable me to oblige a friend. In this case I know Mr Crawford would not act without the Interference of Genl. Porter for whom I know he entertains a great regard & at whose Instance I am persuaded he would what was desired. I hope my reason for not writing will be satisfactory to you as I hope no assurance can be necessary to satisfy ^you^ of the great Interest I feel in whatever is in the least degree interesting to you.

What is the news with you on the subject of Politics, it would give me great pleasure to hear from you often. Have you personally conversed with Jenkins yourself and can he be fully depended upon? What says McKay & how certain it is that we may rely on Foot? What progress has his excellency made in his tour, did you see him? How does the contemplated nomination of Tompkins take with your people? Make my best respects to Mrs. Evans and believe me to be

Affectionately yours


PS. Friend Jacob Barker is sitting by me [&] wishes to be remembered to you he says he will have his exchange W & [W] in full operation in six Weeks!

MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 23 August 1819MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 23 August 1819MVB to David Ellicott Evans, 23 August 1819
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)