MVB to Gershom Powers, 7 November 1818

MVB to G[ershom] Powers, 7 November 1818


Yours of the 30th. ultimo was duly rcd. proceed agt. Lot 73 Milton. I will obtain the necessary information respecting 57 Sempronius & advise you of it. I wish an Interview with the Surveyor general respecting the lots you wrote about before which circumstances has prevented, when that takes place I will give the necessary instructions. I enclose you a blank ejectmt that you may have them printed at your place & use them as you proposed—observing the following directions 1st. not to bring a suit except where you feel strong confidence of success if resisted or where the occupants wish proceedings instituted & you are satisfyed that act in good faith & not with a view of defrauding their grantors. 2d. To inform the defendants in every case that as far as they claim under the same title the suits may at any time be consolidated on their sending a stipulation to me to that effect. As this discretion to you may be misunderstood & therefore misrepresented it had best not be mentioned indeed it would be more agreeable to me that you exercised it only in cases where the bringing of the suits are rather desired than otherwise ^& in case of vacant lots^ & in all other cases to write to me & I will send on <names>. I hope you will have most of the suits you expect to bring to trial next summer brought before the 10th of December ^or as much earlier as practicable^ as we will be cramped for time, write me soon & often

Your friend



M. Van Buren


7 Novr 1818

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