MVB to Benjamin Franklin Butler, 18 February 1824

MVB to B[enjamin] F[ranklin] Butler, 18 February 1824

My dear Sir,

The circumstances I stated in my letter of yesterday of the probability of a certain gentleman retiring in the event of Nyork acting with firmness should not be understood as intending to convey the idea that there is at this moment a friendly feeling in that quarter towards us. The fact is not so. On the contrary the most vigorous efforts are daily made agt us ^in^ that direction. It will be an affair of necessity & for the protection of self & friends from the consequences of unavailing opposition. You can have no idea of the ferment among the federalist produced here by our address moderate as it is & as from the necessity of adapting to the Union it was necessary that it should be. Ask Mr Croswell in some very delicate way to suggest to Mr Sudam & Genl. Root the propriety of a little more caution in their correspodnence. Our friend Foot is a most worthy fellow but he has no idea that there is any aught to be any secrets in a Republican govermt. write Let not my name be known in this or any part of this letter.

Truly yours




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