Thomas Benjamin Brewster to MVB, 23 February 1816

Thomas [Benjamin] Brewster to MVB, 23 February 1816



I address you on a subject very interesting on my part Conserning alot of Land that Mr Obidiah Cooledge of bid of at vendue April the 20. 1815 it being lot No 8 Malloreys tract the L Coolidge was imployed and payed by the propietors to go forward and bid the lot for us he being one of the proprieters and to git Sepperate deeds if possable he was not atheised to bid the lot and take deed in his name alone, but it Seemes that he has whether he has got the deed or not, but I was at albany in June and Stated the business to the Clerk and he thought not to let him have the deed but I do not no whethe he has got it or not but I think it not rsonable tha[t] he Should have it untill the business is Settl[ed] here the lines have been established for about twelve years by agreement but not sapeticalerly as might hav ben best Since the vendue he has Sayed that the lines Should be altered and it appears that he Calculates to take just what he pleses and has Said that to do me jestes that he Shall not let me have any part of the lot I have payed out interest and all at bout five hundred Dollars and I hate to looset if I Can help it I wish you to do all in your power to have jestis don to the proprieters and I wis^h^ you to Send me a line by the bairor of this whether there is any other way for me to do than to take up with jest what the jentleman pleases to giv or not I am willi^ng^ to recompence you for all your troble

Thomas Brewster

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