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William Comrie to MVB, 21 July 1817

Dear sir

I am Informed of by Charles Easton the Dept. Sheriff that he has an Execution against me For the Money I was owing the people of the state of N York In the Last Year of the War I was Called to the Frontiers in the service of my Country and soon after my Return home was taken sick and have not Been able to attend to much Business since otherwise the Interest Would have been paid in Due time if You Sir will have the Goodness to stop the Execution For a few months I shall I hope be able to Raise the money For such is the scarceity of money in this Place that it is next to Imposible to Raise any at Present if you will Grant me this Favor sir it will be Granting me a Great Favor indeed

Mr Easton tells me that the Interest is $126.00. I do not understand how it Amounts to somuch as I had but $300 and it was but three Years Last October Will You sir have the Goodness to Explain it to me.

I have the honor to be Yours

William Comrie

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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: Attorney General Case Register (N)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)