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[MVB] Notes on the power of Congress concerning internal improvements, [c22 January 1824]

18167 Mr Calhouns Bill to set <illegible> part the bonus money red from the U. States Mr illegible named & amt. requiring the assent of the States. Mr Calhoun moved to strike it out which was determined in the negative.

The bill passed by a vote of 86 to 84. It was returned with objection by Mr Madison & yeas [...] 60. noes 56.


Senate Journal

page 406

Mr Madison objects Journal Ref. 2d Session 14th Congress 1816. Passed in the Senate 20 to 15

Tuckers Resolutions

1 Resolve that Congress has power to appropriate money for Post & Military needs & for the improvement of Water courses

Aye 90
Noes 75

2d Power to construct post & military roads.

Yeas 82  
Nays 84 lost

3d The Constructing roads necessary for commerce between the States

Ayes 71  
Nays 95 lost

4th [...] That Congress has power to construct roads & Canals for Military purposes

Ayes 81  
Noes 83 lost

A Resolution offered by the illegible that Congress have power to appropriate money in aid of State works negated 

Cumberland Road Bill rejected by Mr Monroe & on the question to pass it notwithstanding the objections Ayes 68 Noes 72

Mr Madison in his message Decr 1815, says speaking of a uniform national [...] he says "If the operation of the State Banks cannot produce the result the probable operation of a national Bank will merit consideration.

1815 Jany 30th. Mr Madison objects to the Bank Bill on its details & with respect to the Constitutional power of Congress says "Waving the question of the constitutional authority of the Legislature to establish an incorporated Bank as being precluded in my Judgment by repeated Recognitions under varied circumstances of the validity of such an institution in acts of the Legislative Executive and Ju[dicial] Branches of the Government accompanied by indications in different modes of a concurrence of the General will of the nation the proposed Bank does not appear to be calculated

Calhouns Bill & Tuckers



Calhouns Bill & Tuckers Resolutions

Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)