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[Charles Edward Dudley] to MVB, 27 December 1823

In letter to M. Van Buren Esq.


"I notice the remark in your letter (to Genl Root of 20th Decemr) concerning Mr Clay. I have a high respect for that Gentlemans Character. His talents, and public services, entitle him to the honors which He has already received; and He could, in my opinion, do himself infinite credit, by yielding his support, <at> this <crisis>, to the Democratic party, and thereby secure forever its gratitude; for from all I can gather from those members of the party in this State, with whom I have lately conversed, Mr Clay can stand no chance for the Electoral votes of this State, provided they are given in the usual manner, unless He should be nominated by a Republican Caucus; and should the mode of choosing Electors be altered (which I think will not be the case) then neither Mr Clay, nor Mr Calhoun, nor even Mr Adams would, in the opinion of the most observing and acute of the friends here, have any chance. The agitators here have other views. All this however is in strict Confidence, and must be taken by you for just so much as you may think it worth."

Alby 27 dec 1823

Extract of letter

to Mr VanBuren

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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: Tibbits Family Papers (N)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)