MVB to Peter I. Hoes, 22 October 1823

MVB to Peter I. Hoes, 22 October 1823

Dr Sir,

Enclosed I send you a copy of the final bill & Warrant of Attorney. I find on further examination that the judgment was not entered untill the day after Mr Whitbeck was buried. It is very improbable that if the bond & Warrant was given to secure a debt that such delay would have taken place on the part of one who was particularly acquainted with Whitbecks embarrassed circumstances.

I would introduce the matter by representing him with the papers and saying to him that the friends of Mrs. Cantine had become possessed of facts which induced a belief that the Judgmnt was intended as a provision for Mrs. C. & that your business was to ascertain the facts. If you can with propriety place the matter before him in this point of view it may be well viz that we have not suspected <him> of, a design to keep it from her child but that for fear of its coming into the hands of creditors he had determined to leave it to Christina at his death. If he is guilty he will be inclined to seize upon such a excuse to cover his turpitude. Mr Van DerPoel told me he would go with you with pleasure & to such as he able & experienced diplomatists I can give no beneficial instruction. All I can say ^is^ If you succeed you will do the best action either of you ever did in your lives & one which will give you respectively more satisfaction on your pillow than any other good deed of which you have the good fortune to be the author.

You must throughout keep an eye upon a settlement as the most desirable result, to avoid difficulties with creditors & the uncertainty incident to controversy.

If we can make out our case Mr Mather will be responsible for every thing he has made by the Judgment which will be great; But if he is willing to make a reasonable provision for Christina & Mrs C. you ought not to dispute with him as to the motive he chooses to avow for it nor be over nice about the amount

Your friend


NB. Let me know who you start so that I can at the same time apply to the subscribing witness here.

NB. I thought I gave Mrs. Cantine the $25 I am to pay her towards pocket money but I must have made a mistake, give her the enclosed $5 & tell her I will bring the $25 from Mr Leake. I understood from her conversation at Kinderhook that she had no money & would have offered her some but having to pay seven or eight hundred dollars for Mr Cantine before I leave here I really felt too poor.


Thomas Mather

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