MVB to Ralph Isaacs Ingersoll, 20 October 1838

MVB to R[alph] I[saacs] Ingersoll, 20 October 1838


My dear Sir

The enclosed memorandum will explain to you the duties of a Commissioner to be appointed in the place of Mr. Crawford who has been appointed Commr of Indian affairs. The property is of immense value, & the parties to the controversy numerous and influential, resident chiefly in Georgia, & Alabama. I was very desirous of obtaining a Commissioner whose weight of character & capacity were sufficient to secure confidence with Congress & the Country. Mr. C. assuming that description, was recently selected, & has done no more, I believe, than to give a notice to the parties to bring their proof before him at this place in Nov., or some such step. Having now recd. a permanent appointment he must of course decline this. Will your business admit of you taking the place? & would it be agreeable to you? You will see by the enclosed what the pcompetition is. The length of time it will take cannot be known with any thing like certainty. The principal part of the business will be done here, but perhaps a trip to the South will be necessary. Let me know what your feelings are in the matter. Remember me kindly to Mrs. Ingersoll, & believe me to be

Very truly your

friend & obedient



P.S. If you do not accept please to say nothing upon the subject as it is a place the selection for which should not be influenced by application &c

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