MVB to Jesse Hoyt, 31 January 1823

MVB to Jesse Hoyt, 31 January 1823

[No. 120.]

Senator Van Buren to his friend Jesse Hoyt. 

My Dear Sir: 

I am overwhelmed with the account of poor Cantine's death. I know that nothing from me can be necessary to secure your zealous attention to Mrs. Cantine's interest, if any thing can be done for her. I have written to Mr. Hoes to be at Albany; you will find him a most useful man. I have also written to Mr. Buel, which letter I want you to see. Among you all you must do the best you can. If any thing can be done for Mrs. C. I hope and believe no republican will oppose it. MR. HOES AND MYSELF ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MR. BUEL FOR $1500 of the last payment. If nothing better can be done, no person ought at least to be appointed who had not previously purchased the establishment; and under no circumstances ought any one to be appointed who is not a sound, practicable, and, ABOVE ALL, DISCREET republican. WITHOUT A PAPER THUS EDITED AT ALBANY WE MAY HANG OUR HARPS ON THE WILLOWS. With it, the PARTY can survive a thousand such convulsions as those which now agitate and probably alarm most of those around you. Make my sincere thanks to Mr. Duer and Mr. Sutherland for their kind letters, and tell them I will write them soon.  

In haste, yours truly, 


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