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MVB to [Jesse] Buel, 31 January 182[3]

My dear Sir,

I thank you kindly for your solicitude about poor Mrs. Cantine, for in wordly goods she is poor indeed, though in the affection & devotion of her friends I hope she is rich. I cannot at the moment say what to advise. I wish you would consult with her brother Mr Hoes who is a man of great discretion & good sense. If any thing can in any proper way be done for the Mrs. Cantine and her orphan daughter I know nothing of the Republicans of Newyork if there is a man in the Legislature that ^will^ objects to it. As it respects our party the matter is of infinite moment. Without an able press [a]nd a discreet man at the head of it at the Seat of goverment it is entirely out of the question to keep the party together. Recent circumstances with you have greatly encreased the deep interest which the subject before had. Great prudence is as requisite if not more so than great talents. Mr Croswell is every thing requisite except age & political standing. There is one man who if he could be prevailed upon to take it & could be connected with a practical man could do the party at this moment more service than any other man in the State and that is Genl. Marcy. With him at the head of the editorial department I should feel safe that the party was safe. With whom or how to connect him (if willing) would be the difficulty. He & Croswell would make one of the best establishments in the Union; But then what is to be done with Mr Leake; It is true that he has not given evidence of that interesting & practical usefullness which I contemplated & fondly hoped, he is nevertheless a man of merit & honour & has claims on our friendship. Could not something be done for him in som[e] other way. I presume Major Noah if correctly advised of the income of the place would not quit his present paper for half the income. If as I suppose he would be obliged to quit [the] Advocate if <He> takes an interest in the Argus I am persuaded he will not on reflection desire it. Of all these matters you however who are on the Spot can best decide. Next to Genl. Marcy I know of no one who I think would do better than Croswell. Write me particularly how the matter stands & use this letter according to your discretion which I know to be of the highest order.

In haste yours truly



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Source: PHi Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Collection: Gratz Collection (PHi)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)