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"Record of Greenville Academy," 24 July 1822

Book. A.

The Record


Greenville Academy

incorporated by the regents of the university of the State of New York the twenty Seventh day of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixteen.

Anual return of Students in Greenville Academy Oct. 17th 1821

Names of Students What   Study No. Weeks Remarks
A. Hunter   Eng'h 10 Those marked langua
J. M. Hunter Langs.   11 attend (some of them)

Theodore Prevost

  Eng'h 24 occasionally to the higher
David Brewster Langs.   10 braches in mathematicks with the
Henry White Langs.   23 intention of entering an advanced
John W Tailer Langs. & Eng'h 25 class in college but for the most
J. H Blanchard Langs.   19 part that thus marked and those
James Bouch Langs.   18 marked Languages & english attend
William Holmes Langs.   44 to the Study of <Greek> and lattin
Stephen Tibbets Langs.   35 and pay $6 pr 2r. & those
Russel Whiting Langs.   18 marked english pay $4 per
Edward Hall Langs.   16  
Abraham Van Buren Langs.   37  
John Van Buren Langs.   37  
Andrew Smith Langs.   12  
Stephen Truesdale Langs.   23  
Levinus Hitchcock Langs.   28  

George Callender

  Eng'h 10  
Marcus Buckingham Langs. & English 23  
Caleb P Ives Langs.   18  
Frederick Luke Langs.   22  
Albert Hoit Langs.   36  
Robert S. Lay Langs.   10  
A Hellyers Langs.   10  
Edward Bigelow   Eng'h 10  
Clark Botsford Langs.   29  
Timothy Willeston Langs. & Engh 8  
Augustus Bagley Langs.   7  
Joseph Dowe Langs.   2  
Isaac Smith   Engh 13  

I certify the above was taken from the books of the treasury as furnished by Andrew Huntington the teacher.

Greenville October 17th 1821 Abijah Reed Secretary.

Anual return of Students in Greenville Academy 24 July 1822

Names of the Students What Study No. Weeks Remarks
Charles Chapman Langs   34 NB. those marked languages study greek & latin
Augustus Bagley Langs   28 & pay $6 pr. & those marked english study english
John B Spear Langs   32 studies & pay $4 pr 2c
Albert Hoit Eng  Langs. 23  
Theadore Hoffman   English 10  
Richard Van Dyck Langs   6  
John Van Buren Do   30  
Marshel Bacon Do   8  
John Lusk Do   7  
George Barker Do   7  
Augustus Sherman Do English 7  
Timothy C Lay Do   6  
Isaac H Smith   Englis 5  
Cyrus Bristol Langs   5  
Stephen Bedford   English 1  
George Callender Langs   2  
Nathaniel Kingsley Do   14  
Russel Whiting Do   11  
Andrew Smith Do   2  
Thomas Smith Do   12  
Elisha Miller Do   12  
Montgomery Davis Do   31  
William Holmes Do   29  
Justus H Blanchard Do   36  
John W Tailer Do   12  
William P Tailer   English 12  
Henry Tappen Langs   21  
Henry White Do   35  
Harvey Hide Do   34  
Frederick Luke Do   30  
James Bouch Do   30  
Robert S Lay Do   34  
Joshua J Boid Do Engh 31  
Elisha Pratt Do   26  

I certify the above to be a true copy of the returns made by Andrew Huntington 24 July 1822. Abijah Reed Secretary

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Source: NCoxHi Greene County Historical Society
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)