James Hyman Causten Sr. to John Forsyth, 12 December 1834

James H[yman] Causten [Sr.] to John Forsyth, 12 December 1834



Your letter of the 9th instant has been received, by which I was informed that you have no suggestions to offer in regard to my then contemplated communication to the British minister in reference to the claim of the orphan children of Peter Shackerly, a copy whereof I had the honor to submit to you on the 8th instant.

Said communication having been transmitted to the British minister, and his reply this day received, I think it my duty to present to you the enclosed copy thereof, in order that the files of your Department may contain the whole subject, it being probable that Congress will, at an early day, by resolution, call for the same.

With much respect, I am, sir, your most obedient servant,


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