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MVB to Benjamin Knower et al., 6 January 1822

Dear Sir.

The enclosed letter was written under ^an^ expectation that the question of postponement raised by us would have been decided yesterday. It is now sent on for the purpose of apprising you of what is doing and not for you to act upon unless and until you hear farther from us me. In addition to the letters enclosed there are the following which are now in the possession of the President viz a letter for the vice President, Mr King and myself to Mr Meigs asking a postponement until we could communicate with you. His answer to us saying in substance that unless the President directs the postponement would ^will^ not take place 3d my appeal to the President who has treated the matter with the importance and ^the^ delicacy it deserves and I am well satisfied that if the matter rested with him we should have no difficulty. By the post office Law the P. M. Genl. has complete control. The question of postponement has been before the Cabinet for two days and I expect an answer tomorrow. Two of them on one are said and I beleive with truth to be in favor of V Rassenlar but I have no explicit information of this fact that I can now.

Tomorrow morning I will receive an answer from the President which will probably be that he must leave the P. M. Genl. to his course. If so he will be disposed to make the appointment of V. Ransselaer immediately to guard against that we the Vice President and myself have in writing requested ^that^ in that event he would afford us one an opportunity to make one more commuication to him in which we will recommend Chancellor Lansing and put the question on such political ground that the people of the U. States may distinctly understand what principals prevail in that department of the government and may ^take^ the measures necessary to a wholesome reform. This point must be settled one time or other and no time more opportune than the present. It is one of the most interesting departments of the government and instead of spending our time in small matters I am for taking the bull by the horns at once &c and if our friends at home will sustain us we will effect it.

I have requested a meeting of the republicans who have signed V. Ranssalear's petition tonight Every effort has been made to exicte their jealousy on account of my interference but I am persuaded they will in the end behave well. I will write you again tomorrow

Yours Cordially


Copy in unknown hand.

MVB to Benjamin Knower et al., 6 January 1822MVB to Benjamin Knower et al., 6 January 1822
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 4 (3 December 1821-31 December 1824)