MVB remarks on the elective franchise, 27 October 1821

MVB remarks on the elective franchise, 27 October 1821

Mr. Lansing moved to strike out that part of the section which makes doing military duty a qualification for voting.

A long debate ensued, in which Messrs. Lansing, Sharpe, E. Williams, J. Sutherland, Eastwood, Van Buren, and Tallmadge took part, when the question on Mr. Lansing's motion was taken, by ayes and noes, and decided in the negative, as follows:

NOES—Messrs. Barlow, Beckwith, Breese, Briggs, Brooks, Buel, Burroughs, Carver, Case, Child, D. Clark, R. Clarke, Collins, Cramer, Day, Dodge, Dubois, Eastwood, Edwards, Fairlie, Fenton, Ferris, Frost, Hallock, Hogeboom, Howe, Humphrey, Hunt, Hunter, Hunting, Huntington, Hurd, Knowles, Lawrence, Lefferts, A. Livingston, P. R. Livingston, M'Call, Millikin, Munro, Nelson, Park, Pike, Pitcher, Porter, Price, Pumpelly, Radcliff, Reeve, Richards, Rockwell, Root, Rosebrugh, Ross, Russell, Sage, N. Sanford, Schenck, Seely, Sharpe, Sheldon, I. Smith, Starkweather, Steele, I. Sutherland, Swift, Tallmadge, Taylor, Ten Eyck, Townley, Townsend, Tripp, Tuttle, Van Buren, Van Fleet, Van Ness, Verbryck, Ward, E. Webster, Wendover, E. Williams, N. Williams, Wooster, Young—84.

AYES—Messrs. Bacon, Birdseye, Duer, Fish, Hees, Jones, Kent, King, Lansing, Paulding, Rhinelander, Rogers, Rose, R. Smith, Spencer, Sylvester, Van Horne, J. R. Van Rensselaer, Van Vechten, Woods, Woodworth—21. 

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