John Van Buren to MVB, 29 May 1838

J[ohn] Van Buren to MVB, 29 May 1838

Ship Gladiator

My dear father,

There is a transient ship in sight, which is sending us a small boat & I avail myself of the chance, to say that we are now eight days out—had a delightful run to the Banks, but (as if all the Banks but 'Linn' were determined to obstruct all public and private business) we have been rotting about since Friday night in almost a dead calm on the Banks of Newfoundland. The wind is now ahead but we are making a little easting & have a lovely clear day. Please write to William Van Rensselaer about the money. I promised him I would speak to you about it.

Wm wants to know where you will have the interest paid & when.

Love to Major & the Dr. & to all friends. We are a thousand miles out, have a capital ship & a pleasant mess.

Yours affectionately


P.S. I promised Dr. Wendell to tell you he wants to be Senator from the 8d. Paige is the man. The ship is bound to St. Johns Brunswick—she is the "Susan Maria Brooks."

Send the Judge V. my love & tell him you have heard from me.



off NewFoundland

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