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MVB et al. to Paul Busti, 12 March 1821

Copy of a letter of Martin Van Buren Esqr. and others, to Paul Busti


We have understood that an attempt is making to change, for political purposes, the local agent of the Holland Land Company, and that to effect this object great pains have been taken to impress you with a belief, that the prosperity of the Company and the future protection of their rights, would be best promoted by identifying them with the political interests of our present Executive and his Supporters. It is on the latter consideration that the undersigned found their apology for addressing You on the Subject. The Republicans of this State have for some time past witnessed with regret, the attempts which have been made by their opponents, either to enable themselves to wield this great influence in the promotion of their political views, or to obtain an equal advantage by exciting local jealousies against the Company. As far as we know, the only wish entertained by our political friends has been, to prevent the subjection of the power of the Company to the purposes of party, by keeping it in the hands of the present possessor.

That the Republicans of the State have notwithstanding the clamours of faction been steadfast in their determination to protect the Company in the enjoyment of their just rights, is certain, and that as long as their interests are kept out of political collision with the Republican party, the same friendly concern will be entertained, and the same friendly protection extended to them, there can be no doubt. We cannot therefore refrain from expressing our solicitude, that the removal and appointment, which we have reason to believe is hoped for by our opponents here, and which we think could not fail to be regarded as a political measure, may not take place. Fully believing that the Act however plausibly explained, or discreetly conducted, would not in the end, prove salutary or creditable, either to those who effect it, or to those who are to be affected by it.

We are very desirous that this communication should not be misunderstood. With the private interests or concerns of the Holland Company we have nothing to do, and have no wish to intermeddle. If in your opinion those interests require a change, we know too well, what appertains to you, and to ourselves, to interfere with it. Nay more, if you think proper to bring the weight of the Company into the political field, we are not inclined to dispute your right to do so; it is only against the policy of such a course, that we have taken the liberty respectfully to advise and in doing so, we have, we hope, been influenced by a due regard to both private and public interests.

With respect and consideration we are, Your obedt.

and very humble Servts.

(Signed) M. V. Buren

W. Bowne

R. Skinner

Jona. Dayton

John Lefferts

Henry Yates Jur.

W. C. Bouck

P. G. Childs

Fras. E. Dudley

M. Ulshoeffer

Saml. B. Romaine

Peter Sharpe

John A. King

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Source: NL-AmGA Municipal Archives of Amsterdam
Collection: Holland Land Company Archives (NL-AmGA)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)