MVB to Peter I. Hoes, 5 August 1820

MVB to [Peter I. Hoes], 5 August 1820


I rcd. your letter I confess with unfeigned mortification & I hope upon your reflection you will think that you have done very wrong in making the request of me contained in your letter. Can you tell give me any earthly reason why your becoming bail for Mr. Cantine is a favour to me or why I should give you counter security? Do you suppose that my credit is so doubtfull that if I would consent to become security for the whole amount it would be necessary for me to get an additional bondsman? Look at it for one moment. The husband of your only Sister & one for whom you no doubt feel a lively affection has been unfortunate in business & is no doubt greatly pressed for the means of support to relieve them I who am comparatively bound to him by no connection am willing to assist him by my responsibility to a certain amount on your doing the same for a similar amount & you now ask me to indemnify you from loss in so doing. It can scarcely be necessary for me to say that I will not consent to do this. I have not the most distant apprehension of loss, but if I had a bond from fate I would not do it for appearance sake. The contract has ben made & in all but this executed on the strength of your assurance that you would be bail for Mr Cantine as proposed it was not supposed necessary to have more than your word to authorise the completion of the bargain. As well on that account as to prevent save your relations the mortification of stating to them your request. I hope you will without delay save me the necessity of communicating it to them by releasing me from the restriction contained in your letter. I must once more repeat that it is not for me that you do any thing in this business. When I am reduced to the necessity of asking favours from my friends, it shall be done directly & then I will consent to submit to all their hesitations & reservations & all the other pains & penalties to which the unfortunate are exposed. Untill then it is but fair that I should be exempt from them. My respects to Maria & believe me to be

Your friend


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